Occupational Hygiene

LRM Global Pty Ltd hygiene services comply to approved methodologies such as NIOSH or Worksafe Victoria. All analytical work is validated by a NATA approved laboratory.

Some of our Hygiene services are listed below:

  • Chemical monitoring. This can include, but not limited to, carbon monoxide, ammonia, isocynates, formaldehyde, aromatic compounds, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide;

  • Inorganic compounds (metals) such as iron, zinc, aluminum, tin, mercury, lead, arsenic and silver etc;

  • Inspirable dusts;
    Asbestos fibres, synthetic mineral fibres (SMF);

  • Indoor air quality including carbon dioxide, humidity, carbon monoxide, temperature and nuisance dust. This also includes assessment of air conditioning system and air flow rates.

  • Ventilation and illumination measurement